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FFS and FTE Business Services

Each R&D project has different challenges and PHARMA INVENTOR INC. designs the project depending on the level of complexity utilizing either a fee for service (FFS) or a research-based full-time equivalent (FTE) approach.

FTE VS. FFS.jpg.png

Fee For Service (FFS)


FFS chemistry R&D services approach is chosen depending on the specific needs of each individual project. The FFS approach is usually suitable when a project has a strong precedent or literature background without the need for extensive development.

Full Time Equivalent (FTE)

For technically more challenging and research-intensive chemistry R&D projects, FTE approach is highly recommended. FTE works very well for dedicated R&D projects and/or for the resolution of complexity/challenging chemistry problems. We can allocate specific team(s) of either one or more scientists with excellent expertise in your field to work on your project.


chart FTE and FFS.jpg

SR&ED Advantages for FTE Business Approach

Reimbursement of FTE-related costs through the Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) Tax credit reimbursement program offered by the Canadian government.


  a) Minimum 30% of standard FTE fee

  b) Minimum 40% of Material expenses related to the FTE project


Kindly note that only Canadian companies are eligible to apply for SR&ED. Please contact SR&ED for further information regarding eligibility to qualify for this reimbursement:

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