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FFS and FTE Business Services

Each R&D project has different challenges and PHARMA INVENTOR INC. designs the project depending on the level of complexity utilizing either a fee for service (FFS) or a research-based full-time equivalent (FTE) approach.

Stages that Pharma Inventor Inc works on.

Fee For Service (FFS)


FFS chemistry R&D services approach is chosen depending on the specific needs of each individual project. The FFS approach is usually suitable when a project has a strong precedent or literature background without the need for extensive development.

Full Time Equivalent (FTE)

For technically more challenging and research-intensive chemistry R&D projects, FTE approach is highly recommended. FTE works very well for dedicated R&D projects and/or for the resolution of complexity/challenging chemistry problems. We can allocate specific team(s) of either one or more scientists with excellent expertise in your field to work on your project.


Chart comparing Full Time Equivalent and Fee For Service

SR&ED Advantages for FTE Business Approach

Reimbursement of FTE-related costs through the Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) Tax credit reimbursement program offered by the Canadian government.


  a) Minimum 30% of standard FTE fee

  b) Minimum 40% of Material expenses related to the FTE project


Kindly note that only Canadian companies are eligible to apply for SR&ED. Please contact SR&ED for further information regarding eligibility to qualify for this reimbursement:

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