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About Us

Pharma Inventor Inc. is a Canadian contract research organization founded on the core idea of providing inventive and cost-effective solutions to chemistry problems in drug discovery research and development areas. We are fully functional with a state-of-the-art chemistry facility and an exceptionally skilled team of global scientists to provide chemistry services in various capacities. We are here to assist our clients in pharmaceutical, biotech, agrochemical and university settings to expedite their research and development projects with innovative chemistry solutions.




Anupama Patel, Ph.D.

President & Chief Executive Officer 

Dr Patel founded PHARMA Inventor Inc. to fulfil her passion, capabilities and the desire to assist pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies around the globe to accelerate their discovery research programs in a cost-effective manner. She is a determined scientist who is aware of the challenges associated with establishing and growing PHARMA Inventor Inc.’s reputation in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. Dr Patel strongly believes in instilling core values of quality, reliability & integrity in PHARMA Inventor Inc.

Prior to establishing PHARMA Inventor Inc., Dr Anupama Patel was part of a dynamic research team at Albany Molecular Research Inc. in Singapore ( Her detailed oriented and efficient project management skills were well appreciated within the organization. As a medicinal/synthetic organic chemist, she worked in multiple research projects from global pharmaceutical clients in various therapeutic areas (diabetes, cancer, bacterial infections agrochemical products).

Dr Patel obtained her doctorate degree in organic chemistry under the generous and inspiring supervision of Professor Dr Thisbe Lindhorst (


Dr Patel was awarded a research fellowship by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) to conduct her doctoral research work in the area of glycocalyx mimetics as potential therapeutic agents to treat microbial infections. Her research accomplishments are published in international peer-reviewed journals and presentations were made at various international conferences.

Prior to joining pharmaceutical industry, Dr Patel worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of British Columbia, Canada under the joint supervision of Dr Stephen Withers & Dr David Perrin making key contributions to Canadian proteomics research programs (


Kashinath Sadalapure, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Sadalapure received his Ph.D. degree in synthetic organic chemistry from the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT-Hyderabad). He went to Hamburg University (Germany) & Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada) for postdoctoral research works to further understand the interactions of natural products/synthetic bio-active molecules with those that support and sustain human life (enzymes, transporters, receptors).

He has been associated with pharmaceutical industry for over 15 years and he has worked for a few Canadian pharmaceutical companies (Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc., NAEJA Pharmaceuticals, Phyton Biotech LLC., Methylation Sciences inc.) and American companies (Albany Molecular Research Inc.,). He has been a key person with tremendous technical and bench experience of transforming inventive molecules into medicines. In his leadership positions at these pharmaceutical companies, he has managed multiple projects, supervised, coached, and mentored several scientists in cardiovascular, neuropathic pain, metabolic, anti-infectives, inflammatory diseases, oncology and CNS therapeutic areas.

Dr. Sadalapure is a young scientist and a treasure store of enormous technical experience in medicinal chemistry, process development and customized chemical synthesis of natural or unnatural products of high therapeutic values. He has made significant contributions to the scientific community with over 40 published research articles and innovative patents.

Dr. Sadalapure is committed to offering high-quality chemistry services to biotech, pharmaceutical and University researchers worldwide while keeping the cost to a minimum.



Creative scientists at Pharma Inventor Inc. have published a large number of innovative patents covering various phases of medicinal chemistry, process development and synthetic organic methodology developments.


We also have published several peer-reviewed research articles in international journals in the areas of natural product synthesis, organometallic chemistry, carbohydrate, organometallic catalysis, asymmetric synthesis, glycopeptide mimetics

and so on. 





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Come Work With Us!

Senior Synthetic Organic/ Medicinal Chemists

(2 Positions) 

Pharma Inventor Inc. is seeking a creative, enthusiastic and highly motivated senior research scientist with synthetic organic/ medicinal chemistry background to join our research and development laboratory in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

Position Requirements:
• A strong synthetic organic chemistry background with a minimum of 10 years of working experience in multiple medicinal chemistry projects in pharmaceutical or biotech industry settings.
• The applicant should have a thorough knowledge of the entire drug discovery process including lead generation, lead optimization (DMPK), process development and pre-clinical safety assessment.
• Responsibilities will include performing (multi-step) organic syntheses, process development, documentation of experimental procedures, writing of reports and technical documents.
• The ideal candidate will have exceptional project management and supervisory skills for day-to-day interactions with internal medicinal chemistry team members and exceptional communication skills to understand and implement action plans to meet our external clients needs.
• A track record of publications, presentations and patents demonstrating your leadership skills in the pharmaceutical industry which required critical decision making on successful project transitions and effective use of resources.
• The candidate must be fluent in English. Knowing other languages is an advantage.
Please send us a recent resume that details your work experience, education, publications, and potential references. A research summary comprised of project rationale and your contributions to the advancement of the project with an emphasis on problems-solved.
Resumes can be sent to
with the subject line "Senior Synthetic Organic/ Medicinal Chemists".

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