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Custom Synthesis in action

Our custom synthesis expertise covers vast range of chemical compounds belonging to different classes. Biotech, Pharmaceutical and University researchers can take advantage of our pragmatic wet chemistry expertise for the timely delivery of high purity customized chemical compounds in gram quantities.


We can readily offer the following custom synthesis services and classes of chemical compounds listed below:

Custom Synthesis in action

• Asymmetric Synthesis and Resolution of chiral compounds
• Bioconjugate chemistry
• Boronic acid synthesis and couplings
• Carbohydrates, Polysaccharides & Glyco-conjugates
• Catalytic hydrogenation
• Chiral synthesis and Chromatographic separations
• Fatty acid analogues and Phospholipids
• Fluorescent Labelled drug conjugates
• General organic and small molecule synthesis
• Heterocyclic chemistry
• Macromelecules, Natural products, Bioactive Molecules 
  Metabolites /impurities
• Natural products synthesis
• Organo-metallic chemistry
• Peptides & Unnatural Amino Acids, Peptidomimetics
• Photochemistry
• High pressure reactions
• Synthesis of high potency compounds.

Bioassay systems are complex and susceptible to many variables. Absolute activity measurements are essential necessitating the need for reference standards. Pharma Inventor Inc., is fully equipped to synthesize reference compounds of your interest from few milligrams to 100g based on your needs in a timely and utmost cost-effective manner. Our scientists are well versed in the modern art of organic synthesis and troubleshooting of synthetic pathways.


Feel free to contact us for a free quote whether you need stable labelled reference standards (D, 13C, 15N), bioassay standards, test articles, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), API analogues or API metabolites and impurities.

Scientists at PHARMA Inventor Inc. have published dozens of patents and are expert in assessing novelty and patentability of newly identified chemical series before proceeding with further investment in drug research.

Reference Standard for Bioassays
Organic Scaffolds and Building Blocks

Organic scaffold is a chemical framework that supports the attachment of multiple chemical entities or bioactive or natural products and allows functional groups modifications to synthesize a diverse set of new and novel chemical compounds with therapeutic potential for use in drug discovery.


Pharma Inventor Inc., offers high quality exclusive, partially exclusive & non-exclusive organic scaffolds in desired quantities anywhere from few milligrams to hundreds of grams as necessitated by both agrochemical and pharmaceutical clients.

For example, biochemicals, fragment libraries, research intermediates, age mediates, core scaffolds, screening compounds.

Regulatory agencies require pharmaceutical drug developers to identify and provide a mechanistic rationale for observing impurities or degradation products arising from stability studies under recommended storage conditions. Moreover, the impurities in drug products can be attributed not only to the drug substance or inert ingredients used for formulating a drug product; but they can also be brought into the drug product through formulation process or contact with the packaging of various impurities that can be found in drug products.

Pharma Inventors are highly experienced in analyzing and synthesizing such process impurities or metabolites of drug substances that are critical in drug development research and to expedite your ADME-TOX and mechanism of action studies.

Working on Chemical Intermediates

Our experienced scientists will prepare the requested chemical intermediates either by following known synthetic procedures or by following synthesis protocols provided by the clients.


If a synthetic route to your target intermediate is not known, our experienced chemists will design a fast and most cost-effective synthetic route for the timely delivery of chemical intermediates.
For example, biochemicals, fragment libraries, research intermediates, age mediates, core scaffolds, screening compounds.

Photo chemical synthesis in action

Pharma Inventor Inc. has all the necessary equipment & chemistry expertise to perform photochemical reactions for the synthesis of your chemical intermediates in an atom economical and environmentally friendly manner.

For    example;  

di-π-methane   rearrangement,  electrocyclizations,  [ 2 + 2 ] photocyclization,  Norrish  reaction,  Paterno - Büchi,  photoisomerization and sigmatropic shifts reactions.

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