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Chemical Process Development & Scale up Equipment Machine

Process development and scale-up are essential to obtain a competitive commercial product.

Scientists at Pharma Inventor Inc., can efficiently conduct rapid process development, optimization of reaction conditions and scale-up of materials for preclinical trials or large-scale manufacturing. Our scientists practice pragmatic culture exceeding expectations of our clients even on the most challenging projects.



• Synthetic route evaluation for target molecules.

• Development of new methodologies and synthetic routes for target molecules.

• Optimization of reaction conditions to reduce cost & maximize throughput by classical methods or statistical design of experiments (DOE).

• Ability to perform work under cryogenic conditions (-78 °C) or high pressures ( >100 psi).

• Development of reliable methods for in-process testing and analysis of intermediates and API’s. Rapid screening of reactions conditions by utilizing parallel equipment.

• Process Safety Assessment.

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