Our custom synthesis expertise covers vast range of chemical compounds belonging to different classes. Biotech, Pharmaceutical and University researchers can take advantage of our pragmatic wet chemistry expertise for the timely delivery of high purity customized chemical compounds in gram quantities. We can readily offer the following custom synthesis services and classes of chemical compounds listed below:

• Asymmetric Synthesis and Resolution of chiral compounds
• Bioconjugate chemistry
• Boronic acid synthesis and couplings
• Carbohydrates, Polysaccharides & Glyco-conjugates
• Catalytic hydrogenation
• Chiral synthesis and Chromatographic separations
• Fatty acid analogues and Phospholipids
• Fluorescent Labelled drug conjugates
• General organic and small molecule synthesis
• Heterocyclic chemistry
• Macromelecules, Natural products, Bioactive Molecules 
   Metabolites /impurities
• Natural products synthesis
• Organo-metallic chemistry
• Peptides & Unnatural Amino Acids, Peptidomimetics
• Photochemistry
• High pressure reactions
• Synthesis of high potency compounds.