Library of Screening Compounds
 Scientists at Pharma Inventors Inc., have more than 15 years of hands on experience with diverse chemical compounds. Our screening libraries are suitable for high throughput screening or you can choose a select set of compounds for screening against the drug target of your choice. We offer defined quantities of customized library of compounds to help you succeed in finding lead like structures for the target of your choice. These structures are designed to minimize false positive results and have reduced toxico-kinetic & drug-like properties. We also offer consultation services to guide you through the compound selection process.
Below is a general shipment information for the library of compounds

 Purity   >90%
 Avg. quantity   10 mg to 100 mg
 Shipment format   Dry powders or DMSO solutions in
  Pharma Inventor Inc. vials or plates 
 Normal shipment time   5-10 working days
 Re-synthesis   6-10 weeks
 Other special needs   Contact us