Laboratory Chemicals & Reagents
 Pharma Inventors Inc. offers laboratory chemicals and reagents that you find in catalogues but have quantity restrictions or require long wait times. Our scientists are here to help you get going with your research projects without compromising on your research ideas and not miss deadlines.

Asymmetric Synthesis Products   Chiral
Organic Building Blocks  Heterocyclic building blocks  
Chiral building blocks   Fluorinated building blocks 
Chiral catalysts, Ligands & Reagents Carbohydrate building blocks
Chiral resolution regents   Peptide building blocks
Organo-metallic Reagents   Grignard
Speciality Reagents and Solvents Anhydrous organic solvents 
Boronic acids and derivatives  Organic acids and bases 
Organo-silicon reagents  Organic and Inorganic reagents  
Organo-metallic catalysts  Amino acids