Chemical Building Blocks
 Pharma Inventors Inc., offer chemical building blocks that are new & those known in the literature but not readily available. These building blocks will have orthogonal chemical functionalities for analogue generation for screening against a drug receptor of interest. Some of these building blocks have drug like core structures and are specially designed based on the most recent understandings in medicinal chemistry to facilitate optimization of ADME properties.

As you know, pre-clinical drug discovery is a complex process and it is often faced with many challenges for the optimization of physico-chemical and pharmaco-kinetic properties of new drug molecules. Such properties include intrinsic clearance (CLint), rate and extent of solubility in physiological fluids (pH 5.5-7.5), protein-binding and so on. Switching to more rigid and yet hydrophilic core structures (our building blocks) can potentially solve some of these challenges. Please Contact Us for a detailed list of chemical building blocks and their competitive pricing.